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OEM/ODM Service

2-3.jpg1. Communication: Please give your demands - offer the original samples or technical files. 
2-2.jpg2. Counter sample: We make the first samples according to the original    samples or technical files.
2-1.jpg3. Approval on samples: You might need modification on the first samples, and we will modify the samples till you are satisfied with them.  
04.jpg4. Quotation:We will give the price based on the final approved samples,   considering the order quantities and other terms. 
05.jpg5.Order: the order needs to be issued in the form of a contract, and deposit is required. (Authorization issues  should be settled at this stage, if proprietary items are involved.) 
06.jpg6.Pre-production samples: upon receipt of the deposit, we launch the pre-production samples. 
07.jpg7.Mass production: once pre-production samples are confirmed, we start mass production accordingly for         your order. 
08.jpg8.Inspection: You or a designated third party performs the inspection after the mass production is finished.
09.jpg9.Payment and delivery: As soon as the balance payment is settled, we   dispatch the goods. The cooperation  is concluded successfully.