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The Benefits Of Toys For Children

May 12, 2017

A good toy can not only promote the body mechanical movements and language development of babies, to improve the child's attention, observation and cognitive abilities, and can develop the baby's imagination, thinking ability, and cultivate children's mutual affection and good quality of public property and so on, can also cultivate the baby's pleasant mood and the feeling of beauty.

A. Toys can be classified into six categories by function

1. Enlightenment class: A plush toy that allows a baby to know the shape or color of an object.

2. Theme class: Help the baby to feel the adult world social role.

3. Puzzle Category: Cognitive toys. such as puzzles, sets of towers, sets of bowls.

4. Science and Technology: the use of clockwork, batteries, such as remote control toys.

5. Music: Musical toys, such as electronic organ, story machine, etc.

6. Fitness Class: Sports toys, such as all kinds of ball games, a variety of vehicles, etc.

Note: Parents are most concerned with cognitive toys because these toys are particularly beneficial for children's intellectual development and promoting their child's thinking.