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Should The Old Toy Be Thrown?

May 12, 2017

Every child is mom and Dad's Angel in the palm of the baby, since the birth of the home is much care and love, in order to make children happy, in order to develop the child's intelligence, for the healthy growth of children, many families at different ages for children to buy a variety of toys. However, as children grew up, they lost interest in old toys, which made many families piled up a lot of old toys, let parents headache is the problem of old toys how to deal with, throw a pity, do not throw and occupy the place.

1, not completely eliminated obsolete old toys, we can clean, let toys into a large box of toys for the winter, so that children will not be old toys, long time, and then come out, children will have a kind of excitement and impulse to play these toys.

2, now there are some toys, can let parents with children to toy renovation, let these toys upgrade again, let parents and children together to witness this time of miracle.

3, can take pictures of old toys, put on Taobao or second-hand trading site to sell, or in the exchange of things you need and others, perhaps you do not need is what other people are looking for?

4, if the number of toys is more than the family, it is really not suitable for children to play, then throw a pity to waste the renminbi ah, then this time we can through some community links, these toys donated to the impoverished mountainous children, let them also have a fun childhood.