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New Zealand Child Child Toy Tester

May 12, 2017

According to the NZ New social news media report in English stuff News, Warehouse recently out of a toy tester competition, the winner will be their annual tester, play 2015 years of the latest, the coolest toys.

Manaia McCaul from Paraparaumu and Wellington Abbey Scott stood out from 1000 children, gaining the most cool career in the child. They will get a laptops and cameras each month to record their views on toys, and they will receive a value of 200 new coins each month, and they will receive a "wage" of 1500 new dollars as rewards!

When the 9-year-old Abbey Scott heard the news, she could hardly believe, she said, "I haven't done anything better than this, I like toys very much, they are part of my life, I can't wait to help other New Zealand children to pick out the latest coolest toys!" ”

Warehouse's executive chairman Simon Turner says the toy tester is almost one of the most fantastic jobs in New Zealand, and the children are undoubtedly best judged.