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Inferior Plush Toys Endanger Health

May 12, 2017

Cute, colorful plush toys are loved by the children, but the AQSIQ recently announced the quality of the plush toys product supervision and sampling results show that plush toys unqualified rate of up to 30%, among them, rhubarb duck "list". Experts remind, the market on the quality of plush toys mixed, some inferior toy surface hidden a large number of bacteria, formaldehyde, lead, mercury and other heavy metals content exceeded, affecting the health of children, parents should pay attention.

A lot of children to plush toys, parents are happy to buy children, little imagine, inferior plush toys are likely to be harmful to the health of children.

It is understood that in the past several random sampling of plush toys, the main problem of unqualified products is that the product's filling raw materials are substandard. This is mainly caused by the use of disabled medical cotton and medical gauze, industrial waste, cotton short cashmere, garbage, waste clothing, and moldy and spoiled flocculation fibers. and plush toys and children's skin direct contact, if not clean, can lead to children tears, redness, diarrhea and even lung infections.

In addition, some products can not disassemble the small parts of the problem is also very common. Non-removable small parts are generally fixed in the plush (cloth) toys of the eye, nose and other small parts, this product is easy to fall off, children once eating can produce suffocation and other hazards. Industry reminder, ordinary plush toys not mandatory certification scope, parents in the choice of toys when the application of the hand try to pull a few plush toys of the eyes, buttons and other small parts, see whether loose, to avoid being 3 years old children under the age of ingestion.