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How To Choose Plush Gift?

Aug 21, 2017

    Plush toys have the characteristics of lifelike and cute, soft touch, easy to squeeze, easy to clean, decorative, high security and wide application. So plush toys for children's toys, decorative houses and gift-giving are good choices.


1、To see the real photo more


Ome brand products are now widely on the Internet, such as some people will use fashion website promotional photos as pictures of what you sell products like ruili apparel (principle). Fashion website propaganda images generally make beautiful, light scenery is very beautiful, so confused. Your vision and possibly some stores sell only imitation, get real, you will obviously feel is different. But you can't tell the difference. Even if you buy such a copy, you won't be able to claim it. So, look at the pictures taken by the online store, and you can observe video without saying anything.


2、To ask more about the material


Inquired directly, whether all the PP cotton, you said you will received all take out to see, if not all PP cotton to return, so that if most sell shoddy cotton take out of stock or other excuses not to sell, so can put the "dirty" before buy toy away.


3、To see the price


You can't buy expensive things, but you can't buy cheap ones. A: usually a little more expensive is better than a cheap one. Poor-quality plush toys tend to be dirty and bacteria can cause health effects. Especially the child, like to bite with mouth, easy dirty easy to shed, more unfavorable to play for children.


4、To see the shape


Big manufacturers will be able to do a lot of work in the design of plush toys, and will not imitate other people's modeling just like small factory workshops. They have their own regular brand products, the quality is assured, the channel control is stricter, the big merchants purchase the products that are guaranteed. Large merchants usually maintain their own reputation and sell products with strict quality control. There will be no counterfeits, which is a further guarantee to consumers.