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Baby Toys Need To Be Cautious And Randomly Buying Risk

May 12, 2017

No child is not fond of toys, whether China or foreign. For them, the beloved toy is like the adult world of automobiles, villas, jewelry and precious, even as a companion to accompany Children's childhood. And choosing what kind of toys to give children is a big problem for parents.

For the baby, the stuff around is toys

What kind of toy is a good toy? Children psychologists have studied the minors ' psychology, and found that when toys behave too active, the children tend to be inactive; the higher the technological level of developing toys, the less the children's imagination and creativity are left. From this point of view, some toys are not suitable for children to play, such as electric toys, high-tech toys, fool-style operation can limit the mode of thinking of children, damage their cognitive abilities.

And precisely the simplest, the lowest level of science and technology toys, such as dirt, ice, sand, cardboard boxes, building blocks, putty and so on, can maximize the children with free play. Thus, the American Academy of Pediatrics designed a list of scientific toys for children of different ages for parents to consult. At the same time, children's personality is as distinct and distinctive as toys, so the toys for the baby also to get the love of children.